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March: Book 3
John Lewis & Andrew Aydin
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The last book of an autobiographical graphic novel trilogy, March highlights the experiences of Congressman John Lewis in the Civil Rights Movement. Book 3 depicts the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committees’ resistance through civic participation and non-violent protests in face of violence and turmoil in the Deep South. The illustrations draw readers into the story and give a sense of immediacy to the grassroots movement and 1960s American history.


Kill the Boy Band
Goldy Moldavsky
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Four girls, obsessed with one boy band, spend a night at the same hotel their favorite group is staying at. They accidentally kidnap one of the band members, who ends up dead and no one knows what happened.


The Book Thief
Markus Zusak
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The Book Thief is a very emotional piece of historical fiction that engrosses the reader into the lives of children impacted by WWII in Nazi Germany. The story revolves around one young girl in particular named Liesel, who has a great fondness for reading. Liesel begins to start stealing books that the Nazi party seeks out to destroy and in the process, discovers the power of words. “The Book Thief” is a powerful story of friendship, dedication, and self discovery. Recommended for ages 12+ due to its emotional themes and harrowing depictions of war.”


Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans
Don Brown
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A award-winning graphic novel about Hurricane Katrina, depicting heroic acts of selflessness and courage alongside the brutality of racism, criminality, and government incompetence in New Orleans during the catastrophe. The storm drowned 80% of the city, costing $100 billion in damages and taking over 1,800 lives. Brown offers a realistic portrayal of events with vivid illustrations and a well-researched narrative.


Brian Jacques
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What’s that you say? Redwall is a book for little kids and not teenagers?  Well, I beg to differ! Redwall and the series it follows is chock full of select mature themes in conjunction with more simplistic plots that span several age groups.  These anthropomorphic fantasy adventures can be enjoyed by anyone, really.

– Dan

Girl with a Camera : Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer : a Novel
Carolyn Meyer

Margaret “Peggy” Bourke-White marched to the beat of a different drummer knew she’d be famous one day. In this historical novel, Carolyn Meyer traces Margaret’s ambitions of becoming a herpetologist. Despite a lack of encouragement by her peers and a marriage at a young age, Peggy, was instead able to become rich and famous from her work as a photographer through perseverance and a few lucky breaks.