Library Event Calendar

Event: What is a Watt Detective?
Date: October 8, 2012
Location: Ohrman Room

On Monday, October 8th at 7 p.m. a representative of ComEd will be on hand at the Villa Park Public Library to explain how to use the Watt Detective to save money. A Watt Detective is a kit than can be checked out at the Library and includes an electricity meter and information booklet. The meter is plugged into a wall and an appliance is plugged into the meter. Whether the appliance is on or off the meter indicates how much energy is being used so you can calculate the cost of running the appliance. The booklet shows how to use the readings to determine if the appliance is energy efficient and to find ways to save energy and money. The Villa Park Public Library is partnering with ComEd to make the Watt Detective available for check-out. For all ages!
Registration is required