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The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is periodically updated by a volunteer. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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Dates listed are dates of publication, not of death.

NamePublication Date
Nabers, Neil B.1945-10-25
Nachtigall, Roy O.1994-02-16
Nack, Irene A.1992-12-25
Nagel, Elizabeth1959-10-22
Nance, Kenneth W.2013-01-04
Nardi, James1965-11-10
Nash, John E. Sr.2001-06-29
Nash, Vivian A.1976-03-24
Naslund, Hilda1962-12-19
Naslund, Russell G.1992-10-02
Natale, Anthony A.1999-03-24
Nathe, Hedwig1976-03-03
Nathe, Paul1974-06-12
Nathe, Robert H.1998-08-12
Natoli, Carol I.1977-11-18
Nauertz, Irene M.1994-03-09
Naugle, Rose M.1999-11-03
Naugle, Roy1968-03-20
Nava, Violet V.2004-03-12
Naylor, Margaret P.1984-02-29
Neal, Dortha M.1999-11-05
Neal, Richard O.2006-04-05
Neale, Gerald1974-09-05
Neander, May A.2002-04-26
Neely, James P.2004-11-05
Neely, William F.2002-11-20
Neff, Ronald G.1980-04-30
Neher, Frank V.1970-10-28
Neher, Irmgard F.2004-07-07
Nehlsen, Hulda1979-02-21
Neilson, Harry1975-09-17
Neirynck, Augusta1961-02-02
Neirynck, Camille1954-04-30
Neirynck, Rene C.2010-05-14
Nelsen, Lena M.1968-11-08
Nelson, Alice C.1989-02-15
Nelson, Amanda1970-08-12
Nelson, August1960-08-11
Nelson, Cheryl Sandra2007-09-26
Nelson, Clarence L.1969-08-06
Nelson, Dagmer1935-05-10
Nelson, Donald E.1997-08-13
Nelson, Earl1961-10-04
Nelson, Edith L.2002-12-04
Nelson, Emil1974-04-03
Nelson, Harry P.1991-07-10
Nelson, Jeanette1980-07-30
Nelson, John E.2008-02-22
Nelson, Josephine1944-09-28
Nelson, Mary1968-02-07
Nelson, Merle E.1992-09-25
Nelson, Oscar1959-12-10
Nelson, Patricia H.1967-12-06
Nelson, Richard L.1978-11-23
Nelson, Samuel2001-09-14
Nelson, Samuel J. Tyrell2001-09-12
Nelson, Sheila Ann2009-04-24
Nelson, Warren1974-03-06
Nelson, Willard E.1980-06-25
Nelson, William2006-12-13
Neri, Gino1987-02-25
Nesnidal, James C.1962-02-21
Neubert, Richard A.1988-11-09
Neucks, Georgia M.1942-01-01
Neville, Nina E.1969-06-27
Newberg, Edward1972-08-11
Newburn, Sidney M.1980-04-09
Newell, Ryan2014-01-17
Newhoff, Robert R.1978-08-09
Newlander, Arthur2000-01-19
Newlander, Roy1964-05-20
Newlander, Walter R.1984-06-20
Newton, Clarence1980-02-27
Newton, Cornelia1993-04-07
Newton, Jean W.1986-07-18
Newton, Jesse D.1972-06-16
Newton, L. Lborn1942-07-03
Newton, Leora V.1968-06-19
Nicholas, Katherine1969-10-22
Nicholas, Walter1970-05-06
Nicholls, James D. Sr.1999-11-10
Nichols, Helen F.1989-10-11
Nichols, Nancy L.1978-02-01
Nichols, Robert1969-12-12
Nichols, Wayne M.1980-06-13
Nicholson, Francis D.1972-03-22
Nickolanei, Rudolph1937-07-22
Nickolaus, Fred1991-03-13
Nicoletti, John M.1976-09-29
Nicoletti, Mary1977-02-02
Nicoletti, Michael1981-02-11
Niederkorn, Charles E. Jr.1963-06-26
Nielsen, Edmund1981-05-28
Nieman, Bernard G.1987-08-05
Nieman, Eleanor D.2005-01-14
Nieman, Harry H.1982-06-11
Niemeyer, Arthur H.1973-02-07
Nieves, Miguel T.2005-02-18
Nigro, Joseph T.2001-10-19
Nikonez, Anna1994-11-02
Nikula, Selma1959-01-29
Niles, Virginia E.1974-07-04
Nilsen, Eleanor1988-05-18
Nilson, Patricia1986-12-10
Nimmer, Raymond F. Jr.1963-08-07
Nimmer, Raymond F. Sr.1968-03-13
Nippert, Florence M.1999-12-10
Nippert, Florence M.1999-12-03
Nitz, Mary L.1997-01-01
Nix, Anna M.1962-10-17
Nix, William C.1977-10-26
Noah, Scott Martin2011-02-25
Noak, Anna1949-10-28
Noak, Arthur W.1953-10-08
Noble, Irene G.1997-10-01
Noble, Marion G.1960-07-21
Noble, Raymond1972-03-15
Noble, Walter1956-04-05
Noem, Alfred P.1955-01-27
Noesges, Catherine1964-06-03
Nofsingel, Juanita L.2007-08-03
Nofsinger, Bennett1998-08-19
Noftz, Richard1970-12-18
Noftz, Scott K.2002-01-25
Nolan, Dorothy1975-05-02
Nolan, Ethel M.1998-02-18
Nolan, Joan P.1989-03-22
Nolan, Kathleen B.1995-11-29
Nolan, Sandra J.1981-04-01
Noonan, Victoria1976-01-30
Nopayashi, Densaburo1965-06-30
Nordby, Angelica M.2010-04-30
Nordeen, Jean E.2003-10-22
Nordstrom, Esther1975-12-03
Nordstrom, Raymond1972-07-07
Noren, Agnes1967-08-02
Noren, Walter A.1994-12-14
Noren, Walter G.1953-02-12
Norkus, Frank Joseph1998-12-25
Norman, Howard E.1984-03-28
Norris, Theresa1989-04-19
North, Edward1989-03-22
North, Genevieve1971-09-17
North, Mary Edith1991-08-16
Northrup, Grace H.1986-04-30
Northway, Robert J.1997-01-17
Nosal, Ronald1974-06-26
Notini, Roma1966-07-27
Nottingham, Edward1957-01-03
Nottrodt, Gertrude Paula1952-02-22
Nottrodt, Rudolf1966-01-19
Novacek, Frank1972-03-17
Novak, Albert1992-04-29
Novak, Anna1987-02-04
Novak, Blanche E.1990-03-02
Novak, Emil1973-08-17
Novak, Emily1965-07-09
Novak, Frances L.1996-12-27
Novak, Frank Bernard1996-10-09
Novak, Franz B.1997-10-24
Novak, John P.1990-06-20
Novak, John P.1990-06-22
Novak, Joseph1967-02-01
Novak, Josephine1986-01-10
Novak, Mathilda O.1989-07-12
Novak, Nick A.1992-02-21
Novak, Victor1972-01-21
Nowack, Ruby F.1984-09-12
Nowak, Franz R.1997-06-13
Nowak, Ildiko D.1998-05-29
Nowakowski, Walter E.2013-06-28
Nowicki, Frank J.1969-10-01
Nudd, Robert J.1993-02-17
Nugent, Shirley A.2005-02-18
Nunn, John Randolph "Randy"1991-08-02
Nurse, Howard R.1994-08-17
Nurse, Mildred M.2001-12-07
Nussbaumer, Fred1965-01-08
Nussbaumer, Helen1955-09-22
Nutole, Patrick2011-03-25
Nygren, Elmer L.1956-08-16
Nykodem, Vaclav1963-01-25
Nyquist, Axel Joseph1948-05-20
Nyquist, Harold A.1960-01-28
Nyquist, Orville1951-09-07