Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is periodically updated by a volunteer. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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Dates listed are dates of publication, not of death.

NamePublication Date
Mabee, Bessie A.1982-11-19
Macauley, George Edward1937-03-11
MacCabee, Keith W.2004-01-07
MacCabee, Margaret J.1997-10-22
MacDuff, John P.2014-08-08
Macewiez, Edwin1967-08-02
Mack, Dale M.1986-08-27
Mack, Margaret1954-07-16
Mack, Vivian I.1968-01-19
Mackay, Henry C.1963-07-24
Mackenburg, Dorothy1961-07-13
Mackovich, Golda D.1986-05-09
Mackovich, John1989-11-22
MacMurphy, Jerome1949-12-30
Macnamara, Harry S.1972-10-11
MacNaught, Edith F.1981-06-03
Macnider, John1960-01-14
MacQuilken, Authur E.1964-11-18
MacTrinder, William C.1953-11-19
Macy, Ann1974-02-15
Macy, Theodore N.1957-05-30
Madden, Elsie S.2004-02-11
Madden, Frank "Bud"1992-06-05
Madison, George T.1971-09-29
Madison, Kathleen R.1989-07-21
Madison, Milly1992-12-23
Madrson, Denise L.2007-11-28
Madsen, Markham1989-10-20
Madsen, Mary V.1982-09-29
Madsen, Niels P.1968-05-08
Maffett, Adaline1947-04-17
Maffia, Angeline2000-06-14
Maffia, Anthony1989-05-12
Magerkurth, Frank R.1986-09-12
Magerkurth, Hazel1975-04-02
Maggard, Clint2011-08-12
Magnetta, Henrietta1990-05-18
Magro, Frances J.1998-05-13
Magruder, Gilbert1986-01-22
Maguire, John Bede1994-11-02
Mahalick, John1983-12-29
Mahoney, Brighta1945-02-22
Mahoney, Eileen C.1983-03-11
Mahoney, George1958-08-28
Mahoney, Kerry E.2002-09-13
Mahoney, Mary Ann1946-11-07
Mahoney, Paul R.2014-07-18
Mahoney, Robert R., Lt.1991-06-12
Mahood, Ruth A.1984-04-04
Maier, Herman1974-10-23
Maier, Louise A.1998-12-25
Mailander, Joseph F.1978-04-19
Main, Alberta1994-10-12
Main, Edward H.1991-01-02
Main, Linda C.1957-10-24
Main, Marguerite Radatz2001-11-14
Main, Ralph E.2008-01-02
Majchszak, Thomas1961-10-06
Makarevich, Andrew J.1990-03-16
Makert, Margaret2011-02-18
Makinson, Carrie1945-04-12
Makoul, Mary1997-11-28
Malboeuf, Howard J.1990-12-26
Malboeuf, Laverna R.1981-08-19
Malboeuf, Lorraine C.1982-09-17
Malec, Walter J.1967-11-03
Malfaro, Joseph1981-07-15
Malinowski, Robert A.1999-01-22
Malinowski, Robert A.1999-01-27
Malinowski, Robert A.2001-08-22
Mallek, Robert1969-08-20
Mallin, Ralph1985-02-08
Mallin, Randolph \"randy\"2011-05-20
Mallinson, Richard1962-03-28
Mallon, Dorothy1988-09-09
Mallory, David W.1983-06-08
Mallory, Merton D.1976-11-17
Mallory, Virginia E.1968-11-20
Malone, Alan Jay2005-12-30
Malone, Eleanor M.1993-04-14
Malone, Mabel F.1973-04-04
Maloney, Bernice1971-12-01
Malott, Michael1978-12-13
Manahl, Ruth1993-06-23
Manahl, Ruth1993-06-16
Maner, Allyson1966-12-07
Maney, Charles H.2011-07-01
Manfredi, James J.1988-11-16
Mangels, Avis H.1997-05-21
Mann, Gerald K.1960-07-21
Manning, Gloria2010-07-30
Manning, Rose M.1999-07-07
Mannino, Anthony Sr.1986-09-19
Mannino, Joseph2005-07-08
Mannino, Josephine1980-12-19
Mannino, Ramona Jean2010-05-14
Mannino, Salvatore1996-07-19
Mannion, Thomas A.1991-06-12
Manno, Eleanor2001-05-09
Mansfield, Karl M.1967-06-02
Mansfield, Zaye M.1985-07-17
Manta, Alvina E.2001-09-26
Maple, Collyn Walter2003-08-13
Maple, Ethel V.1979-04-11
Marcantelli, Adele1942-05-28
Marchant, Margherta E.1983-05-18
Marchant, Thomas R.1961-01-26
Marchese, Gloria C.2009-02-06
Marchese, Grace K.1968-09-25
Marchese, Paul1989-10-27
Marchiorello, Annie C.2002-04-10
Marchiorello, Rita D.1977-05-20
Marchok, Michael A.1999-05-12
Marcinkas, Helen1972-06-02
Marcinkowski, Thomas S.1995-06-07
Marcotte, Francis2002-06-19
Marcucci, Sharlene A.2006-06-21
Marcukaitis, Norman1981-09-30
Mardis, Arthur R.1965-08-25
Marino, Lucille R.1997-01-08
Markovich, Peter2003-07-11
Markowski, Evelyn M.1990-07-06
Markowski, Florian L.1982-09-17
Markowski, Therese A.2010-01-22
Markowski, William1960-03-03
Marks, Carol1991-02-13
Marozza, Sharon2013-05-17
Marquette, Ada2011-12-02
Marquis, Bertha1966-01-19
Marro, James D.1990-05-16
Marron, Donald J.1983-01-14
Marron, Robert E.2009-10-02
Marsch, Gustav1931-10-16
Marsden, Hilma1965-01-22
Marseille, Mary1947-04-10
Marsh, Phebe A.1964-10-28
Marshall, Anna M.1992-12-23
Marshall, Della L.1983-08-26
Marshall, Shirley1951-07-20
Marsico, Salvatore C.1986-07-30
Marski, Olga2009-01-09
Martens, Adele1978-10-11
Martens, Gunther1986-02-28
Martens, Nola Jane2011-02-04
Martin, Clark A.1991-10-25
Martin, Elizabeth1950-06-30
Martin, Emma1963-10-18
Martin, Evelyn E.1984-07-18
Martin, Floyd W.2001-05-04
Martin, Frank P.1999-01-06
Martin, Gary L.1995-05-17
Martin, Harriet Nicol, Rev.2006-11-03
Martin, Irene Siron2002-08-16
Martin, Joanne B.1984-01-27
Martin, John W.1980-07-23
Martin, Joseph A.1963-03-01
Martin, Louise A.1992-10-16
Martin, Luther1967-05-17
Martin, Lyle V.1996-12-11
Martin, Marion S. "Steve"2007-01-12
Martin, Richard A.1937-12-23
Martin, Rita1961-10-30
Martin, Rita L.1961-11-01
Martin, Ruth L.1970-09-25
Martinek, Miles J. Jr.1992-07-29
Martinez, Margarite1985-04-24
Martinez, Raymond1992-07-08
Martinez, Victor1962-08-24
Martino, Mae L.1997-10-22
Martins, Joyce A.2008-04-04
Martinson, Irene A.1980-02-08
Martinson, Julia1961-07-12
Martinson, Walter1986-06-20
Martiny, Mabel1962-03-09
Martiny, Victor1973-07-05
Martucci, Henry A.1982-03-05
Martz, Sylvia2004-01-14
Marwick, Barbara1949-06-03
Marwood, Henrietta J.1975-12-03
Marwood, John1993-06-09
Marwood, Vernon G.1982-03-31
Mascho, Roy E.1979-11-22
Mascho, Signe F.1988-09-07
Masek, Robert1998-08-05
Masek, Virginia Bruno1997-06-06
Maslowski, Anna2001-05-30
Mason, Charles M., Sr.1982-10-01
Mason, Gayle R.2003-04-02
Mason, Nathan1935-06-28
Mason, Phoebe1945-06-07
Mason, Ralph M.1938-01-13
Mason, Ralph M.1964-12-09
Massey, Charles H.1937-12-30
Massi, Antoinette1990-08-15
Massi, Rudolph L.1994-11-16
Masten, William W.1969-12-12
Mates, Hazel1971-08-04
Mathaz, Van, E.1978-01-13
Mathews, Clarence A. Jr.1999-03-19
Mathews, Clarence A. Sr.1970-10-21
Mathews, Marie M.1984-11-28
Mathiesen, Delores1953-02-05
Mathieu, Donald J.1979-07-11
Mathieu, Joseph J.1970-08-26
Mathis, Mary L.1983-09-02
Mathis, Susan K.1979-08-03
Matsuek, Bety1987-04-22
Mattern, Victor1999-03-19
Matthews, Lillian1983-12-29
Matthews, Mary A.1962-11-14
Matthews, Mary C.2010-03-05
Mattick, Sharon1967-03-22
Mattoon, Florence V.1988-12-21
Mattoon, Gerald J.1976-06-11
Mattrey, Michell1998-04-17
Matusek, Edward G.1984-11-07
Matusek, Edward G.1984-11-20
Maurer, Emily L.1972-01-19
Maurer, Grover J.1965-03-03
Maurer, John G.1938-11-24
Maurer, Rudolf H.1949-08-19
Mauter, Alexander1967-01-27
Mauter, Alexander G. Sr.1976-06-23
Mauter, Amalia1960-01-07
Mauter, Arla1975-05-16
Mauter, Lillian N.1999-05-05
Mauter, Walter A.1989-12-22
Max, Alfred1977-02-02
Maxted, Ella1936-07-24
Maxted, Emma1958-07-10
May, Carol Jeanne1991-07-12
May, Edgar W.1996-05-24
Maycroft, Marion1982-02-03
Mayer, Freida S.1959-12-24
Mayer, Mabel1939-01-19
Mayer, Mrs. Raymond F.1950-02-17
Mayer, Richard1936-09-11
Mayor, Catherine1978-01-11
Mayton, William E.2000-05-12
Mazzarella, Bernice B.2004-11-19
Mazzarella, Nicholas2008-05-16
Mc Alister, Kathy2013-11-22
McAleese, Catherine1968-12-06
McAleese, Peter T.1981-10-28
McAlexander, Sophie1990-03-16
McAlexander, William Guy1991-07-24
McAndless, Abram B.1985-05-15
McAndless, Ella K.1985-04-17
McAndrew, Patricia M.1991-06-26
McArdle, Elizabeth M.1983-09-16
McArdle, Grace C.2002-08-28
McArthur, Catherine M.1966-06-10
McAuliffe, Marion B.1983-01-07
McAvaney, Geraldine B.1995-02-08
McAvaney, John E.1979-12-19
McAvaney, Mary C.1966-12-30
McBeath, Harriet M.1987-10-16
McBride, Joseph1977-05-20
McBride, Margaret1979-06-13
McBride, Morris R.1964-03-11
McCabe, Erna1983-09-08
McCallister, Ersie1973-01-19
McCann, Bessie J.1975-11-21
McCann, Christine1990-03-02
McCann, James C.1971-07-14
McCann, James M.1964-04-22
McCardia, Archie T.1979-11-07
McCardia, Katherine F.1998-07-01
McCarthy, Charles A.1972-03-22
McCarthy, John D.1947-01-16
McCarty, Edward J.1949-12-23
McCarty, John R.1995-10-18
McClean, Ruth C.1965-10-12
McClevey, Anna L.1983-09-21
McCluskey, Gertrude1991-07-17
McCluskey, Joseph R.1995-03-22
Mccluskey-Rakowski, Ruth M.2011-05-27
McComb, Alan S. Jr.1990-10-31
McConnell, Dora1962-06-08
McCool, Deborah J. Moscatello1998-04-15
McCormack, Donal T.2003-11-19
McCormick, Delores P.1990-06-20
McCormick, Joseph1992-06-17
McCormick, Minnie1956-12-06
McCracken, Hazel B.1987-10-09
McCracken, Rilla M.1974-01-25
McCullough, Gary1998-10-14
McCullough, LeRoy T.1992-03-25
McCullough, Michael P.2005-11-23
McCullough, Patricia1993-06-04
McDaniel, Elizabeth1974-01-25
McDermott, Joseph P.1995-07-12
McDonald, Donald T.1979-06-08
McDonald, Edward A.1957-04-18
McDonald, Ethyl M.1977-08-31
McDonald, Gladys A.1986-07-01
McDonald, Irene1974-04-10
McDonald, James1935-07-19
McDonald, Leona1975-05-14
McDonnell, John1971-10-01
McDonough, John P.1976-09-15
McElhany, Agnes F.1961-03-10
McElligott, Anna T.1977-10-21
McEnery, Thomas F.1976-12-12
McFadden, Clifford Jr.1995-09-27
McFadden, Ethelyn B.1976-07-30
McFadden, Jean H.1997-10-08
McFadden, John C.1985-12-18
McFadden, Robert J.1994-03-02
McFarland, Claudia1972-08-16
McFarland, Donna Rae2006-09-01
McGady, Shirley1963-12-04
McGann, Louise T.1972-02-03
McGlynn, Marie A2003-06-27
McGowan, Harriett1964-03-11
McGowan, Munford1968-05-08
McGrath, Bridget1982-06-11
McGrath, Edward J.1990-05-11
McGrath, Irene1960-04-07
McGrath, John J.1961-01-12
McGrath, Joseph1978-01-25
McGrath, Paul V.1988-08-05
McGrath, Roger1979-10-25
McGrath, Rosanne C.1986-12-04
McGrath, Rose G.1995-10-04
McGrew, James L.2011-03-11
McGrew, Michael P.1986-08-13
Mchone, Lillian J.2009-02-13
McHone, Marian1976-05-12
McHone, Paul S.1992-05-01
McIness, Hilda1972-11-29
McInnis, Florence1971-09-01
McIntosh, Samuel1941-08-28
Mcintyre, Donald F.1972-08-23
McKay, Jesse1960-01-28
McKay, Mrs. James1947-08-07
McKay, Thomas J.1997-10-03
McKenna, Arthur J.1978-11-17
McKenna, Mary E.1983-09-08
McKenzie, Louise1968-04-10
McKeown, Joseph M.1985-02-22
McKinney, Donald L.1991-01-09
McKinney, Frank1959-05-28
McKinney, Gene L.1982-03-03
McKinnon, Ann1946-11-28
McKinnon, Orietta L.1961-06-28
McKnaught, Virginia P.1976-04-02
McKnight, Custer A.1998-03-11
McKnight, Mitchell E.1983-06-17
McKnight, Nancy J.1957-02-28
McKnight, Osborne1971-07-14
McLaughlin, Edith1982-05-26
McLaughlin, James A.1998-09-02
McLaughlin, Mary2008-02-22
McLaughlin, Philip1999-01-20
McLaughlin, Vera V.1994-09-28
McLean, Norman1931-11-06
McLellan, Dorothy M.1986-01-08
McLellan, Edward A.2006-03-10
McMahon, Angeline P.1989-02-01
McMahon, Genevieve1966-03-11
McMahon, James1965-08-11
McManus, Michael1982-05-07
McMichael, Mary1971-04-21
McMillian, Merrill2007-02-09
McMillin, George1966-07-13
McNamara, Charles1967-04-28
McNamara, Edward1981-10-07
McNamara, Edward F.1986-10-15
McNamara, Emmett V., Sr.2004-03-05
McNamara, Eugene T.1989-10-11
McNamara, Francis T. "Mac"1991-09-13
McNamara, John M.1983-10-07
McNamara, Kathleen1964-06-26
McNellis, George P.1954-06-26
McNellis, Lenora1968-06-05
McNevins, Harold Jr.1988-11-02
McQueen, Mildred1988-05-25
McQueen, Ronald P.1974-02-01
McReddie, Margaret1963-08-14
McSweeney, Margaret F.1993-10-01
McVea, John B.2003-06-11
McVea, John R.1969-09-19
McVea, Rae R.1964-09-16
McVey, Delbert P.1982-05-12
McVey, L. Juanita1994-08-03
McVickar, Franklin C.1990-02-28
McWilliams, Samuel1980-02-06
Measom, Allen1964-04-15
Measom, Walter A.1982-07-30
Meath, Raymond A.1976-07-23
Mecklenburg, Dorothy1961-07-19
Mecklenburg, Shirley F.1968-11-06
Mede, Herman R.1976-08-06
Medina, Julian2006-03-03
Meehan, Louis1945-02-22
Meenan, Leonard L.1969-12-10
Meenan, Mary1981-12-11
Meers, Martin L.2006-05-24
Mees, Carol A.1981-02-11
Mees, George E. Sr.1987-07-29
Meggert, Nancy A.1977-02-18
Mehl, Edwin H.1965-04-07
Meier, Edward J.1982-02-10
Meier, George1932-04-01
Meier, Marie L.1983-06-29
Meissner, Anna B.1987-09-11
Melander, Carl O.1963-01-16
Mellentin, Mrs. Auguste1947-10-23
Mellon, Clare Marie2014-11-28
Melquist, Elmer G.1981-01-28
Meltzer, Maribeth A.1999-07-30
Melville, Anna E.1998-03-25
Memmler, Helene2006-03-15
Menciwskas, Paul2007-10-05
Mendenhall, June P.1994-12-21
Mendey, Nellie1954-10-22
Mendez, Edward R.2003-11-05
Mendygral, Louis E.1990-10-17
Meng, Edward1944-10-19
Menge, Harriet1961-05-12
Menk, Maria1977-07-13
Mentor-Dekker, Sandra E.1997-10-01
Meqath, Josephine M.1998-03-11
Merholtz, Henry1958-05-26
Merholtz, William T.1948-03-11
Merlak, Harriette P.1996-11-01
Merz, Alma E.1988-06-29
Mesenbrink, Olga D.1981-09-25
Meskan, Alberta A.1998-08-12
Meskan, Eugene1972-07-19
Meskan, Hazel M.2001-12-28
Meskan, William J.1962-04-06
Messenbrink, Albert S.1973-01-24
Messina, Fannie1982-03-12
Messina, Jean F.1982-10-29
Mester, Frank A.1986-01-22
Mester, Margaret A.1987-02-04
Metacalf, Mary T.2006-06-16
Metzler, Rudolph1964-10-28
Meyer, Charles F.1976-03-26
Meyer, Charles O.1998-12-11
Meyer, Edward L.1964-01-22
Meyer, Elmer H.1991-12-06
Meyer, Fred W.1999-12-31
Meyer, Frieda1936-05-15
Meyer, George F.2007-02-07
Meyer, Harold W.1964-07-08
Meyer, Loretta M.1994-05-06
Meyer, Margaret Dorothy2004-04-28
Meyer, Muriel T.2003-02-19
Meyer, Paul H.1987-08-15
Meyers, Frank1972-05-26
Meyers, Mrs. Victor1945-02-08
Meyers, Robert J. Jr.1969-12-10
Meyskens, Augusta1968-06-05
Meyskens, Cyriel1969-10-22
Micek, Albert P.1992-01-03
Micek, Eleanore1992-04-22
Micek, Patricia1989-07-12
Michael, Jeannette M. Sissy2014-06-06
Michaels, Jacqueline C.1994-02-18
Michels, Frank J.1990-07-06
Michels, John1970-06-10
Michels, Victor1971-03-10
Michels, Victoria1986-03-19
Mick, Josephine1969-04-23
Mickelson, Gerald2008-07-27
Midur, Antoinette T.1999-05-05
Miedona, Genevieve T.2005-11-04
Miedona, Phyllis Ann1996-08-14
Mielke, Frieda1976-10-13
Mienrus, Frank W.2002-07-10
Miessler, Martha1982-05-14
Mieszcak, Madelyn L.1996-05-10
Mieszcak, Valerie \"Dean\"2011-05-20
Mieszcak, Walter1999-10-29
Mihajlov, Nikola2001-11-16
Mikkelsen, Bruce W.1990-12-05
Miles, Hester M.2004-11-26
Miles, Vearon M.1993-02-03
Mileusnich, Donald J. "Miles"1994-09-09
Milford, Donald R.2010-01-29
Milford, Frank1990-03-09
Milford, Viola M.1997-10-01
Militello, Elizabeth \"Reno\"2011-05-20
Militello, Timoth M.1999-06-09
Milleitner, Michael1967-04-14
Miller, Angeline1988-11-02
Miller, Anna1968-07-12
Miller, Anna M.1985-05-01
Miller, Arnold C.1977-10-12
Miller, August A.1962-09-12
Miller, Bernice1986-04-16
Miller, Catherine1972-02-25
Miller, Charles J.1987-06-17
Miller, Claude W.1989-07-12
Miller, Dallas W.1990-01-31
Miller, Dean1964-01-29
Miller, Dorothy L.1978-05-17
Miller, Edna L.1997-03-07
Miller, Edwin R.1978-11-23
Miller, Elmer W.1973-09-12
Miller, Erna1970-08-12
Miller, Fannie, P.1977-10-12
Miller, Frank X.1951-03-23
Miller, George2006-12-27
Miller, George R.1991-06-19
Miller, Geraldine J.2009-01-02
Miller, Harold A.1957-08-01
Miller, Harold A. Jr.1983-08-05
Miller, Harry B. Sr.1994-08-10
Miller, Hazel1982-09-24
Miller, Henry1956-08-30
Miller, John1959-12-03
Miller, Julia1945-04-12
Miller, Lawrence1992-05-15
Miller, Lila M.1986-08-06
Miller, Louis E.1943-10-14
Miller, Maria W.1980-07-09
Miller, Mary1939-04-13
Miller, Michelle D.2010-04-09
Miller, Nora L.1983-05-18
Miller, Olga R.1979-08-01
Miller, Peter1966-04-08
Miller, Raymond C.1984-08-15
Miller, Raymond L.1993-02-24
Miller, Roy1961-07-26
Miller, Rupert1973-02-07
Miller, Sarah1965-06-09
Miller, Shane1993-04-30
Miller, Thomas G.1969-04-23
Miller, Violet Alice2005-11-11
Miller, Viva "Vivian" E.2009-08-28
Miller-Edwards, Joyce A.1991-09-18
Millette, Alfred P. Sr.1992-11-11
Millette, Frances Leonardo1992-04-24
Milligan, Fred G.1979-01-04
Milligan, Fred L.1971-06-09
Mills, Cynthia E.2001-11-11
Milnickel, Ollie1965-04-30
Minard, Wallace1983-12-07
Minier, Ella G.1975-02-05
Minnick, Roy D., Jr.2004-08-27
Minniti, Angela N.1982-12-01
Minniti, Florence E.1995-10-11
Minser, Jane T.2014-02-14
Miranda, Gretchen A.2002-05-03
Mischke, Mary A.2011-02-18
Miskanis, Richard J.1999-07-30
Miskanis, Rita1987-03-11
Missar, Charles E.1985-11-20
Mistretta, Anthony J.1994-10-19
Mitchell, Andrew1978-01-18
Mitchell, Ann E.1987-06-10
Mitchell, Cora V.1959-10-01
Mitchell, David1951-02-16
Mitchell, Douglas1936-02-14
Mitchell, Gordon P.1972-12-20
Mitchell, John2009-10-23
Mitchell, Robert L. Sr.1996-01-24
Mitchell, Stella1982-04-09
Mitchell, Whitley Z.1972-04-28
Mitter, Frank1963-01-25
Mitter, Minnie1968-01-31
Mittlestaedt, Edward Joseph1999-06-23
Mladucky, Susan T.1999-11-10
Mocarski, Michael C.2006-01-13
Modica, Samuel1983-09-23
Modjeska, Melville F.1962-09-19
Moehle, August H.1950-01-13
Moehnke, Elmer1948-08-19
Moen, Stephen1968-03-06
Moffatt, Helen M.1973-06-06
Moffet, Ruth O.2008-04-11
Mogavero, Joseph2013-12-13
Mogavero, Nicholas P.2003-06-11
Mogren, Laverne L.1972-10-20
Mohler, Roy1973-07-18
Mohr, Alice1956-12-20
Mohr, George1960-01-21
Mohr, Helen1971-01-08
Moldenhauer, Bessie M.1979-02-21
Moldovain, Clarence1979-06-15
Molfese, Josephine O.1998-09-11
Molinari, Kathleen1968-05-10
Mollard, James H.1988-02-17
Mollsen, Allan A.1986-10-01
Mollway, Alfred J.1967-05-26
Moltros, Adiel L.1966-09-30
Moltros, Mildred F.1972-12-06
Monahan, Anna E.1971-04-28
Monahan, Eugene P.1957-06-20
Monohan, Mary B.1980-04-23
Monroe, Lilly1985-03-13
Monske, Arthur H.1985-01-25
Monske, Marie1975-09-04
Montana, Marion1972-11-23
Montgomery, Donald1995-10-25
Montgomery, Donald1995-10-27
Montgomery, Eloise2004-10-08
Montgomery, Eloise2004-10-27
Moon, David W.1976-03-31
Moore, Charles C.1982-07-08
Moore, Clara B.1976-09-15
Moore, Edgar T.1961-12-29
Moore, Frank A.1942-03-26
Moore, Jerry R.1967-07-14
Moore, John E.1987-04-29
Moore, Kevin1990-05-30
Moore, Margaret Walden Scott2002-01-04
Moore, Miles D.1988-04-06
Moore, Ruby M.1988-10-28
Moore, Russell Reneau1951-10-17
Moore, William A.1937-04-15
Morahan, Francis L.2007-06-29
Moravec, Frank C.1980-06-11
More, Eugene H.1957-05-30
More, George T.1959-03-05
More, Sonia E.1990-05-30
Moreau, Edward J.1967-09-22
Moreau, Elizabeth H.2010-05-14
Moreau, Eugene J.1976-02-04
Moreau, Fred J.1953-02-12
Moreau, Irene M.1978-12-06
Moreau, Louise1959-11-19
Moreau, Marie1972-01-05
Morel, Thomas C.1997-05-28
Morey, Harry D.1990-10-03
Morgan, Arthur1967-11-15
Morgan, H. Pierce1986-07-09
Morgan, Helen1998-08-26
Morgand, Martha A.1985-08-28
Morgenstern, Joseph1961-12-01
Moriarty, George1973-05-16
Moritz, David1994-03-16
Mork, Grace1987-07-01
Mork, Phillip1972-12-29
MorKovich, Donna J.2007-08-10
Morlock, August R.1979-06-13
Morman, Catherine D.2010-12-31
Morris, Alberta S.1979-10-24
Morris, Christine1984-09-12
Morris, John1972-11-01
Morris, John R.1987-10-09
Morrow, Florence G.1964-07-08
Morrow, Warren W.1953-06-11
Morscheck, Elizabeth1987-09-02
Morscheck, Russell W.1978-10-25
Morse, George W.1976-05-19
Morse, James T.1963-09-06
Mortensen, Karl1999-03-19
Mortensen, Karl1999-03-24
Mortimer, James1966-06-15
Mortimer, Mary J.1975-05-09
Mortimer, Raymon1959-02-05
Morton, Robert1999-01-29
Morvay, Walter R.1986-11-19
Moscardini, Albert1968-05-24
Moscardini, Louis J.1981-06-26
Moscatello, Michael A.2005-02-18
Moscatello, Pasquale1958-12-23
Moses, Gloria Jean1994-03-09
Moses, Mary Emma1993-11-03
Mosetich, Bessie "Betty"1996-12-27
Mosetich, Warner A.2002-02-15
Mosher, Helen N.1986-11-07
Mosley Earl W.1978-05-24
Mosley, Lola Mae1970-10-21
Moss, Jasper I.1982-11-05
Most, Adrienne L.1987-05-01
Most, Edmund C.1996-11-13
Mothersill, Rachel B.1960-12-15
Mothes, Joachim2006-07-19
Motley, Elizabeth1975-05-23
Motter, Robert B.1983-09-08
Moulton, Letitia1931-12-04
Mourning, Clarence V.1985-09-27
Moylette, Edward, M.1978-02-03
Mrozek, Frank J.2005-03-04
Mrozek, Joseph Anthony1993-01-13
Mrozek, Wanda H.2010-04-23
Mrozik, Joseph P.1980-11-05
Mucerino, Anthony1978-03-29
Mucerino, Jane C.2004-02-25
Mucerino, Marianne1995-07-21
Mucho, Alice M.1978-07-26
Muckerheide, Joseph H.1978-10-25
Mudgett, Margaret E.1985-11-13
Mudra, Frank S.1976-02-25
Muehlenbein, Anton1985-08-09
Muehlenbein, Elaine1973-06-06
Muehlenbein, Teresa1966-04-01
Muehlmeyer, Hazel1982-05-14
Mueller, Alfred1973-08-17
Mueller, Alice1974-12-20
Mueller, Catherine1936-02-28
Mueller, Esther1974-10-30
Mueller, Evelyn L.1989-10-27
Mueller, Frederick1973-09-26
Mueller, Mark R.1989-11-01
Mueller, Olga E.1984-08-22
Mueller, V. Michael1995-06-09
Mueller, Vivian A.1980-04-09
Mueller, William1980-05-23
Mulaski, Elezabeth1961-08-25
Mulcahey, James1972-10-04
Mulcahey, Veronica M.2002-09-25
Mulholland, William1965-03-10
Mullally, Diana L.2007-07-04
Mullen, Kenneth A.2004-08-27
Mullen, Lois M.1973-08-01
Mullen, Marvin "Doc" A.2009-11-13
Mullen, Phyllis I.1991-05-29
Muller, Carl H.2004-02-06
Muller, Gwendolyn2003-04-23
Mullins, Bertram Howard1944-01-20
Mulloy, Jenny A.2014-11-07
Mulloy, Marion F.1976-04-21
Mulloy, William P.2000-02-04
Mullvey, Loyse1976-02-25
Mulvey, Thomas F.1953-06-18
Munaretto, Maria2005-11-11
Munda, Arthur1945-06-28
Munday, Bessie1960-08-04
Munger, Catherine1945-05-17
Muniti, Mrs. Tony1949-02-17
Munns, James A.1993-08-13
Muraski, Caroline V.2006-05-31
Muraski, Thomas C.2002-11-06
Murphy, Bonnie Marie1999-04-02
Murphy, Donald E.1993-04-28
Murphy, Edward F.1988-10-14
Murphy, James D.1996-07-05
Murphy, Lawrence S.1957-05-02
Murphy, Lawrence S.1981-06-03
Murphy, Marguerite M.1971-06-02
Murphy, Regina1967-08-20
Murphy, Thomas P.1972-04-05
Murray, Patrick F.2010-02-26
Musa, John H.1971-11-25
Muscarello, Catherine Virginia1994-10-21
Muscia, Jack1966-02-25
Musial, Robert1985-05-22
Musielewicz, Marie1992-04-01
Myer, Anne2013-03-08
Myers, Carl1954-11-18
Myers, Evelyn P.1980-06-04
Myers, John1938-03-03
Myers, John J.1971-06-09
Myren, Albert1961-09-22