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May Suggest goes Small Screen

Posted July 22, 2014 | Posted in Readers Advisory,What We're Reading

Now you’ve seen the TV series from Showtime, how about reading the book series by Jeff Lindsay that started it all? Featuring Dexter Morgan, a crime scene analyst for the Miami Dade Police Department, this flawed hero captivated viewers with his double life as a sociopathic serial killer (murdering only those people who murdered others). Here’s a slice of the series for you:MWS small screen Dexter

Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay

1) Darkly Dreaming Dexter

2) Dearly Devoted Dexter

3) Dexter in the Dark

4) Dexter by Design

5) Dexter is Delicious

6) Double Dexter

7) Dexter’s Final Cut

May We Suggest goes Small Screen

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MWS True Blood

You’ve seen True Blood on HBO and now you’re ready for more Sookie stories…..why not try the original Southern vampire book series written by Charlaine Harris?  Laissez les Bon Temps rouler!

Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris

1) Dead Until Dark

2) Living Dead in Dallas

3) Club Dead

4) Dead to the World

5) Dead as a Doornail

6) Definitely Dead

7) All Together Dead

8) From Dead to Worse

9) Dead and Gone

10) Dead in the Family

11) Dead Reckoning

12) Deadlocked

13) Dead Ever After

14) After Dead

May We Suggest goes Small Screen

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You’ve watched the TV show on A&E, now try the books by Craig Johnson.  This month, May We Suggest goes small screen and is featuring book series that some of the hottest dramas on television are based on. Check one out today!

MWS small screen Longmire

Longmire series in order

1) The Cold Dish

2) Death without Company

3) Kindness Goes Unpunished

4) Another Man’s Moccasins

5) The Dark Horse

6) Junkyard Dogs

7) Hell is Empty

8) As the Crow Flies

9) A Serpent’s Tooth

10) Spirit of Steamboat

11) Any Other Name

Paws to Read Feline Fiction

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paws to read

It is never too late to join the VPPL  Summer Reading Program  Paws to Read.

A sampling of adult fiction books with cat tales follows:

Dinosaur Cat by Garrison Allen

Sour Puss by Rita Mae Brown

Paws to Read…and Donate

Posted June 6, 2014 | Posted in Readers Advisory,Summer Reading

PawsToRead_McDonnell_Blank croppedOur summer reading theme is “Paws to Read” where we are featuring animal related books for our bonus books.  In addition to reading the books, why not “paws” and donate to our furry/feathered/scaled friends in need?  We have several local shelters that can use a human hand in meeting the needs of those with paws, claws, and/or tails.  Most of them have basic needs like paper towels, tissues, HE laundry detergent, disinfecting wipes, non-clumping kitty litter and trash bags but there are other specialized needs for donations as well.  Bring your donation in to the Readers Advisory desk, sign up for Adult Summer Reading, and get your bonus ticket.


Arm & Hammer scoopable litter

IAMS Hairball formula Dry Food

Friskies or Fancy Feast Canned Food

AAA, D, or 9-volt batteries


Canned cat & dog food (any brand)

Science Diet dry cat & dog food (puppy, kitten, adult)

Small animal feed & supplies (guinea pig, rabbit, iguana, ferret)

Nylabones (all sizes & flavors)


20″ furnace filters

20″ Box fans

50 gallon trash bags

48″ full spectrum light bulbs


Copy/printer paper

canned cat food (no fish flavors)

Purina Kitten/Cat Chow or Purina Puppy/Dog Chow

Puppy pads

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